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Brock Johnson is a 26 year old 7 figure E-Commerce entrepreneur, bio-hacker, and world explorer.

He achieved massive success selling private label products on Amazon. He’s created an AMAZON FBA COURSE revealing exactly how he makes money on Amazon. He’s selling it for $1.

His ultimate mission is to positively impact millions of people. His current goal involves building a tech company and an application that centers around building good habits and being grateful.

He loves llamas, goats, and dogs.


No upsells. No paid mastermind groups. No BS.

8 months of work. 200+ videos.

And I’m giving it all away for free…


Well, for a dollar.

In December 2017, after a meeting with Gary Vaynerchuk, I realized there was a huge barrier to entry in learning Amazon FBA and E-Commerce. I want to give enormous value to those who are willing to take control of their finances and give other people the opportunity to create their own business through Amazon FBA without the high barrier to entry. 🙂


Restricted Products And Gated Product Pitfalls

Avoid Common Pitfalls People Run Into With Restricted And Gated Products And Categories On Amazon Restricted products on Amazon are something every Amazon seller needs to know about.  You'll notice a potentially good product opportunity and you just want to get in on...

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How To Be Adaptable In An Ever-Changing Environment

Adapting To Changes In Amazon And E-Commerce Change is the only constant said Heraclitis. So the only question is, how will you adapt to change? One of the most important things when you get into e-commerce or selling on Amazon FBA is the...

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My China Trade Show Experience Looking for Manufacturers

Is It Worth Attending A China Trade Show To Look For Manufacturers? Should you attend a China trade show like the Canton Fair or Global Sources? I think they're really valuable. I'm going to tell you about my opinion of both of them and my personal experience and how...

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“Becoming self-aware of what you’re doing and how you’re affecting the world around you is the first step to leading a better life.”