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All Of The Amazon Seller Tools That I Used To Grow My Business To Multiple 7 Figures All On One Page

"I have exclusive partnerships with each and every one of the companies where I have negotiated the best rates possible for our community of sellers"

Research Tools

Helium 10

“Helium 10 is the best product and keyword research tool currently on the market. It even has over 12 different tools that will help optimize each part of your Amazon business. Their reimbursement tool made me an additional $20,000 just by using it!”

Viral Launch

“I love Viral Launch for it’s product research tool when using it alongside of Helium 10. If I could choose one… I wouldn’t know which to choose! I use both Viral Launch and Helium 10 when searching for products.”

Feedback Whiz

“Feedback Whiz is my favorite email automation tool when it comes to selling on Amazon. I’m able to increase my revenue and amount of positive reviews for all my products solely because of the automation and templates they have provided in their software!”


“Seller.Tools has all the necessary resources created by the top 1% of Amazon sellers. It will optimize every part of your business and give you the right insight based on your product’s performance data.”

Automation Software


“Flexport is unique because it has an administrator dashboard that allows you to request products from multiple suppliers, all while handling invoices, tracking shipments, and more.”


“Sellics is my absolute go to when I want to start automating my Amazon PPC campaigns. I utilize this the most when I find a winning product that I want to scale.”


“Algorithmic split testing has never been easier. Instead of manually changing your product listings on Amazon and analyzing hours of data while developing your own calculations, Splitly changes the game. It will automate your split tests and will optimize according to the best data.


“I like using JoeLister because you cover the demand for your product in another category of ecommerce. It will sync your supply between both platforms so you’ll never double sell an item and when items sell on eBay, it automatically passes it to Amazon for shipping.”

Finance, Legal, & Tax Resources


“OFX is my designated partner when it comes to dealing with international business and currency transfer. I GUARANTEE that I have the lowest negotiated on the currency transfer market. Every seller that I have spoken to has saved a significant amount of money by switching to OFX.”

(My 7 and 8 figure friends saved 5-6 figures per year on fees alone.)

Legal Zoom

“Legal Zoom is by far the easiest way to create a business entity without any hassles or worries. They are basically your pocket legal team and offer all the services that you would potentially need throughout your Amazon FBA business.”


“There are over 15,000 districts in the USA to report sales tax, each with different rules and filing dates. Tax Jar makes your life easy and does it all for you.”

If you plan on registering your State Sales Tax in a state other than your home state; we suggest you contact a lawyer before proceeding with that decision.

Refund Hunter

“I go over Amazon’s reimbursement policy in the course and I am amazed at how much Amazon actually owed me. I’ve received over six figures of refunds within the past year.”

Rebate Key

“This platform is useful when you’re shopping online and you find great products that have rebates. RebateKey will give your rebate upfront and directly handles the entire process from their sellers.”

Expert Consulting & Freelancer Services

eGrowth Partners

“I definitely recommend eGrowth Partners For people who need all types of expert help for their Amazon business. These guys are certified 8 figure sellers.”

Jungle Market

“I was a solopreneur for a long time until I decided to scale my business. Jungle Market is great for any Amazon business no matter how experienced you are. You will save time and money in the long run by outsourcing the work you need done.”


Each and every company on this list has been personally investigated and vetted by me.

I will never add something to this list unless I know 100% sure that it’s legit and will actually make you more successful by using it.

Every company you see here is my personal recommendation regardless of making a commission on the referral. Feel free to use my referral links as this helps fund the team and all of the people behind the scenes!

If you aren’t interested in using my referral links then please Google the companies name and purchase it through there instead because these tools are important to your success!

I want each and every one of you to succeed and specifically on Amazon – you need specific tools to be on an even playing field with every other seller.

– Brock Johnson

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