Does Money Bring You Happiness? That’s The Ultimate Question

Can Money And Happiness Go Together?

We’re all striving to make a lot of money and we all want to achieve happiness. But why are we doing it? 

That’s why I just want to share my personal life experience. I haven’t posted much in the last month and a half because I’ve been trapped in greed. I was just trying to make myself more money. It was not making me very happy at all.

I was hesitant on posting this, but I think it’s good to go out there and really post what my life is like in the day to day, the kind of feelings and emotions that I’m going through.

A lot of people in the social media era only post the positives and the successes. People don’t like to post the failures or the downs or necessarily the lessons that they learned.

This is a real moment from my life when I was coming out of a struggling era. Basically I went through a whole month where I was just focused on making money and it was not making me happy. This is my true life experience. 

Does Money Bring You Happiness?

I’m going to tell you my personal life experience and a potential warning that I think everybody should know. I needed to retell myself because I continue to run into the problem.

For pretty much my whole entire life, I had always set all these financial goals and just always thought that money brought happiness.

The people that were saying that it didn’t do, they didn’t know it. What the heck they were talking about? When I had the money it would be different.

I came into this weird realization where I ran into a lot and worked really hard for it. I’ve earned a lot of money in 2017 and I became a multi-millionaire at the age of 25. I reached my goals so much faster than I thought. 

However, there was just this feeling of emptiness. I thought it was this great journey that I was going to build up to. It was going to be this great feeling and it was just going to sustain. What if it was not?

There was nothing. There was honestly nothing there. There was kind of, “Wow, did I really just do that?” In a matter of six months going from just about nothing to doing $6,000,000 of that, half of that was profit. So I got it all in. 

I can tell you that was probably one of the toughest periods in my life because I had this realization that, “Oh, wait. What you’re working for?” What you think is great is it isn’t what you think it is. 

What I’ve found is that when I’m actually the happiest is when I’m living my life in the moment. I’m happy with what I have. Just enjoying time with friends and family and taking care of my health and working.

Where Do YOU Find Happiness?

The happiest moments of my life have definitely been just in the present moment in nature with animals, with my friends, the family, and when I’ve got my health in check. It’s not the money that’s going to bring it. 

I want to encourage everybody, of course, crush it financially and work on yourself. That’s what I talk about a lot.

But, I also want to talk about the purpose because what is the point of making all of this money and achieving these goals if they’re not really what you want? Because, what I personally want is a much more fulfilled, happy life.

What I’ve discovered is that money does not bring that. The money brings you things. I have all the money that I ever need, and would ever desire. But, I’ve actually been miserable lately. I’ve made millions of dollars and yet I’m still sitting there trying to make more.

I had the realization a couple months ago. Work on my purpose. Serving other people, having my own experiences, and taking care of my health because that’s when I’m happiest, but I forgot that lesson. I’ve been consumed by greed.

I think it’s a thing that we’re going to have to work through our entire lives. That battle of just staying present and being grateful for what we have in those experiences that we haven’t and taking care of ourselves, that’s the true quest with the purpose of why you’re doing this. 

Financial Opportunities

Lately, I’ve been looking at different investments and opportunities, like in the stock market and crypto-currencies. That’s going great. But, what did they do at the end of the day? They just add zeroes to my bank account.

I fear that I always have to be on it. You’re just trading negative emotions essentially for zeroes in your bank account. You’re not contributing to anything in the world. 

I’ve just got warning that by working on things that are solely for the purpose of making money, it’s not worth it unless you’ve got a purpose and vision. It’s something that you want to do with that money and getting the freedom that you want.

But at a certain point, the money does nothing. I can tell you that because I got money. It’s doing nothing for me.

For me, the only thing that turned it around was some good EDM music and yoga.

I’ve been making money, living in paradise. I’m getting compliments. People telling me that I’m changing their life every day. But, I’ve been miserable because I’m not taking care of myself. I’ve only been taking care of myself financially, not helping others, and not contributing. That’s not the key to success.

Long Term Vision

Think about the long-term vision and purpose of what you want to do and then work toward that and know that you’re going to get that. Make sure it’s a vision that you’re going to be happy with and that it’s not just the, “Oh, when I have $2,000,000 in my bank account, I’m going to be so happy.” It doesn’t work like that. 

More so I think about, when I create this, it will change other people’s lives where it’ll make the world better or more efficient or something.

Try to do something that’s going to make people’s lives, animal lives or just the planet or something better instead of just your financial self because that brings not much happiness, unless maybe it’s us for some other people, but not me; from what I’ve read, not many other people.

The Journey

I just wanted to do this as a warning, to not focus on the money, to instead focus on what each action biologically does to you and does that produce happiness. Life’s a journey. It’s not like these great moments. Think of the series of events that bring you to this journey.

And then, the final journey is the accomplishment saying, “Oh, nice! I enjoyed that journey and I’m happy with where I am.” Instead of like suck, suck, suck. “Oh, I’ve achieved it!” because you get a moment of high and then it’s, “well now what?”

Our life is this series of moments. I encourage everybody to think about what they want those moments of your life to be and why? Have a big purpose. 

I’m probably going to fail this lesson again. But the more times I fail it, hopefully I can catch myself. I’m trying to set up a system that holds me accountable, personal coach, the channel and everything so that I have to tell others if I’m breaking this pact.


That’s one of the ways to get true leverage on you. To get leverage on myself is to share it with others and to other people. 

I know Rob’s YouTube channel reached out and sent me a message and said like, “Hey man, you’re not posting anything. I enjoy your content. I think you’re one of the good guys.” I’m not doing what I set out to do.

I’m not doing the things that make me happy. I’m just sad making myself money and he’s holding me accountable. By making this, I’m getting out of this curve and thank you Rob so much. 


So, really just surround yourself with that good peer group. Focus on your purpose. I wish everybody the best. I’m in a beautiful place right now. I’m in a beautiful state right now. The money isn’t the reason why I’m in a beautiful state. It is something miserable.

The reason I’m in a beautiful state is because I made it. I focused on myself biologically, had the right realizations. I got into yoga and music. That’s what makes life good.

Knowing that I’m back on track and having progress towards something that I’m excited for, and not just adding some zeroes in my bank account. 

I look forward to helping everybody out and hopefully I’ll be there to help you when you need to learn this lesson. Till next time.

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